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Are you looking to have a few fun photos taken of yourself? Or are you interested in becoming a professional pin-up model? Either way, you need a photographer who knows how to handle setting up a pin-up shoot. A good photographer will also have stylists who can do your makeup and set your hair in a characteristic pin-up style. A huge part of pin-up art is the hair and makeup, so you don't want to scrimp in this area.
Pin up photography can be risqué, but you won’t ever find it explicit. With vintage hair and makeup, and a flirtatious attitude, you will find yourself laughing and enjoying the pin-up photoshoot. The atmosphere you will walk into will be of a more lively, playful one, with lots of props to set the scene. You’ll find yourself with rosy cheeks, bouncy curls, and curves for miles. Doing a pin-up photography shoot allows you to embrace the playfulness of the years past. Pin-ups are bold, sexy, and yes even a bit cheesy at times. Which is why they often can be referred as cheesecake portraits. Pin ups know they are who they are! A pin-up is an independent, unapologetic, classy lady!
With either pin-up photography or boudoir, you can’t go wrong. It’s a perfect anniversary gift idea for the your significant other. It’s just what best suits your personality! You’ll leave any pin up photo shoot with confidence, and feeling like a new woman.

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